Dairy Day 2013

On June 30th, herd share members and newcomers interested in raw dairy came to Windy Acres for a day of food, fun and festivities. Entertainment was provided by the Leavitt family and all enjoyed the wonderful weather. The potluck brought a tasty assortment of dishes from attendees and the farm provided hamburgers with all the fixin’s. Billie welcomed us, giving thanks to the friends of Windy Acres and expressing gratitude to all her herd share members. She works hard to bring these nutrient-dense foods to our tables and it is only with the support of members can this farm continue to produce pasture-based dairy, meats, and eggs. She then introduced Jenny, her new intern, who is on the farm this summer. Billie is thankful to have Jenny help with the milking and the many daily chores while Jenny is fortunate to learn from such an experienced dairywoman.

The day included demos in the kitchen on fermentation of vegetables (kimchi), condiments (mayonnaise), and milk (yogurt and kefir). In the milking parlor, the kids enjoyed learning from Jenny how to make butter by shaking cream in a jar. In the hay barn, Chris Rusch taught an eager audience (chickens included!) how to make milk paint, an ever-popular event at Dairy Day.


Chris explains that only a few easily found and affordable ingredients are needed to make milk paint.


Pigment is added, the final mixing is completed and the real fun begins!


Everyone has their turn with the brush.


After that pallet is painted, how about adding a fresh coat to the barn?


Thanks to all who attended and helped make Dairy Day 2013 a success! There’s nothing like a day on the farm to meet new friends, reacquaint with old friends and join in this diverse community committed to health!