Farm To Table 2015 Photos

The farm was in fine shape, many volunteers helped get Windy Acres Dairy ready for the day:

Getting Ready_2

Billie welcomes Joel and gives him the first tour of the farm:

Billie Joel

Guests were shuttled from the parking area by our “cow chauffeurs”….:

Cow costumes, parking shuttle_cr

….. and their tractor taxi”:

Tractor Taxi_2The entrance to the farm with exhibits, booths, book signing and a food & beverage table set-up on the front lawn:


A band played:

Band on Front Lawn

The tent was up and ready to shade our guests on the back lawn:

Tent set-up

Tables were set:

Tables set

Wine is poured as the violinists and keyboardist entertain:

Wine serving_2

A tasty salmon treat awaited the diners:

Cornets in wooden bench holder - Peggy

Guests were seated:

Full Tables

Salads were assembled in the “kitchen”:

Lynn making salad - apple cider reduction drizzle_cr

Lamb (from the farm!) next served:

Lamb Main Course Plate_cr

And enjoyed:

Head table

Desserts are decorated:

Lynn, Gordon and mom plating desserts_cr

Lawn Seating ticket holders join the diners:

Lawn Seating folks_cr

Billie introduces the kitchen crew – Lynn Wright, Gordon Benzer, Jeff Roop-Bierens and Anna Witham:

Billie, Gordon & I on stage 1

Pete Kennedy of the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund speaks first:

Pete speaking onstage_cr

Joel delights the crowd:

Joel speaking onstage_8

Then signs books:

Joel signing books_cr

And gets a hug from a fan:

Joel Hugging_cr

We look forward to our next event, stay tuned!

Windy Acres T-shirt_cr

Photos courtesy of Brian Anderspoon, Derek Schroeder and Peggy Carpenter.




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