Sprouted fodder coming soon to Windy Acres!

Jeffrey Pinley, with friend, has been the driving force in getting a sprouted fodder system established at the farm. It was Lisa Fairman who first suggested that this innovative method be used at Windy Acres to provide fresh, green, rapidly growing “grass” to the animals.

A quick Google search of “sprouting fodder systems” shows the diverse ways these systems are built and work. From pre-made and fully-automated production facilities to more modest home builts, they grow high-quality livestock feed for a relatively low price. With droughts becoming more widespread and the cost of quality hay and off-farm feed endlessly increasing, farms around the world are beginning to adopt these systems.

Sustainable, practical, low-water usage and virtually no waste, in 7 or 8 days one pound of seed can grow indoors to more than seven pounds of  lush, green 8″ to 10″ tall grass. Many different seeds, cereal grains and even legumes can be sprouted. When fully grown, the roots become intertwined to form a mat making harvesting easy. Just roll it up and haul it to the pasture. In the winter months the cows are going to love having something green to eat!

How it looks at Windy Acres

A hole was dug with the help of a neighbors backhoe.

An old shipping container was purchased and brought to the farm, sparking the interest of a few pigs.

The container will be placed in the excavated hole. This will provide insulation during the cold, winter months.

A friend with a forklift moves the container towards to its final resting place.

Yet another friend of Windy Acres provides a crane to lift and then lower the container.

Poodle, lower left, gives this new addition to the farm a sniff. Is this my new doghouse?

Burying begins.

Burying almost completed!

Concrete has been poured to ensure secure travel down the ramp to the container doors.

A “green room” is to be built on top. This will allow more growing space and also shelter while harvesting the fodder and loading it for transfer to the animals. Here’s the wood awaiting installation on the cinder block walls.

A water source and electricity have also been installed. Stay tuned!

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