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New up-comings at the farm

Dear New and Existing Herd Share Members,

Many new and exciting developments are soon to  occur  here on the farm. In the coming weeks the farm will begin to receive new baby chicks as well as many piglets. In current developments, the farm is seeking out any individuals who are interested in and have experience in the process of cheese making, as currently we are in need of a cheese maker. Every day new life arises on the farm weather it be a morning moo from a newborn calves to a breakfast bah from playful baby lambs. There’s never a dull moment to be had on here at Windy Acres Dairy Farm.  Visitors are always welcome, please call ahead or  just come on down if you would like a tour of the farm.

Our contact info is 541 447 5389.

sunshiny day

The beauty of winters end and spring beginning

Our tool and helper for a good cows feed

The clam before the storm

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