Welcome to the Windy Acres Dairy blog!

Hello to all who find their way to Windy Acres Dairy! My name is Lynn Wright. I am a first-time blogger however a long-time raw milk drinker. When the dairy’s new web site went up, Billie asked me if I would do the blog. I figured I could learn a new trick or two all while promoting and supporting this wonderful and diverse farm. My husband and I have been herd share members for five years and not a day goes by we don’t have a product of Windy Acres Dairy Farm, of our herd, on our table. Billie loves what she does and to teach what she knows. I enjoy sharing what I have come to understand about raw dairy, its safety and health benefits. I have been interested in nutrition since my early teens and have been cooking professionally for over 30 years. I hope you enjoy the posts!


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